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Products Businesses & Corporate Offices Everyday Occasions Fashion Florals Boutonnières Corsages Floral Crowns Adult Child Floral Subscriptions Weekly Bi-Weekly Floral Treatments All subscriptions are paid in full at the start of every month Dozen Roses (Prices increase during holiday season) Full Dozen Half Dozen Social Events (Centerpieces, Statement pieces, Fashion Florals, Etc.) Sympathy Occasions Delivery Fees Local Downtown Beyond Upgrades WTFancy WTFabulous Event Upgrades WTFancy WTFabulous
The WTF Product Promise: Always Fresh | Always Custom | Always Kick Ass Minimum Price
$45 $15 $25 $45
$25 $45 $55 $20 (per visit) $85 $55 $350+ $75 $10 $15
$20+ +$10 +$20 +$100 +$200 **All flowers are subject to seasonal and holiday pricing. Product availability can NOT be guaranteed.**
5th Pkwy, Sacramento, CALIFORNIA | (916) 261-1591
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